Spring Sports

Boys & Girls Track & Field

Coaches’ Information:
Rodney Cunningham: rcunningham@cushmanschool.org    
KD Llong Bey: kllongbey@cushmanschool.org

The team will practice on Mondays and Thursdays. The athletes need to have a good, light running shoe and once Coach Rodney evaluates the runners, some will need to purchase spikes for the sprint races. All athletes will need to bring a change of clothes for practice. The track meet schedule will be up on Veracross.


Coaches’ Information:
Pablo Gentile: pgentile@cushmanschool.org

The team will practice Monday through Thursdays at Morningside Park and Eaton Park. The game schedule can be found on Veracross and a weekly email will be sent with regards to weekly practices and games. The athletes need to bring a change of clothes for each practice session. 

Boys & Girls Tennis

Coaches’ Information:
Pablo Gentile: pgentile@cushmanschool.org
Howie Orlin: Miami Shores Country Club Tennis Pro

There will be 30 training sessions during the Cushman Tennis Season. The season will last from Feb. 4th - April 12th. The South Florida Middle School Conference Championships will be on Thursday, April 11th for the girls, and Friday, April 12th for the boys from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. Athletes must bring a change of clothes to practice each day. For games: girls need a white skirt or short, and boys need white shorts. Cushman will provide a jersey top. Each player must have their own racket since rackets are not provided. Each athlete must also bring a change of clothes to practice.