Spring Sports

Boys & Girls Track & Field

Coaches’ Information:
Rodney Cunningham: rcunningham@cushmanschool.org    
Steve Brown: sbrown@cushmanschool.org

The team will practice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Parents you will pick your child up at Cushman for their books will remain here on campus. The school will provide the athletes with a uniform. The athletes need to have a good, light running shoe and once Coach Rodney evaluates the runners, some will need to purchase spikes for the sprint races. All athletes will need to bring a change of clothes for practice. The track meet schedule will be up on Veracross.


Coaches’ Information:
Brett Rossi brossi@cushmanschool.org 
Aris Atoa: aatoa@cushmanschool.org

The team will practice Monday through Thursdays at Morningside Park and Eaton Park. The game schedule can be found on Veracross and a weekly email will be sent with regards to weekly practices and games. The athletes need to bring a change of clothes for each practice session. 

Boys & Girls Tennis

Coaches’ Information:
Kyllene Weiss: kweiss@cushmanschool.org
Howie Orlin:  Miami Shores Country Club Tennis Pro

There will be 30 training sessions during the Cushman Tennis Season this year. The season will last from Feb. 4th - April 12th. The South Florida Middle School Conference Championships will be on Thursday, April 11th for the girls, and Friday, April 12th for the boys from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm.

There is a $150.00 pro and court fee for the tennis season, which is due by Feb. 8th. Make the check payable to Howie Orlin, the tennis pro at Miami Shores Country Club. Athletes must bring a change of clothes to practice each day. For games: girls need a white skirt or short, and boys need white shorts. Cushman will provide a jersey top. Each player must have their own racket since rackets are not provided. Each athlete must also bring a change of clothes to practice.

The tennis schedule is up on Veracross.