Global Connections

Cushman School student

The world has gotten a whole lot smaller since we started The Cushman School eighty-eight years ago. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to actively seek out ways to represent our school and our students to a global community—not just a local one.

We want Cushman graduates to move on with more than just an awareness of global history, geography, and current events—we want them to enter the world knowing that they have the power to make the change that they want to see in it.

Listed below are some of the ways that we’ve been able to show our kids the world.

Curricular aspects of Global Education:
The curriculum and the opportunities afforded by technology allow Cushman students to travel the world both physically and virtually. Developed by Alicia Becker, Cushman’s World Languages Director, The Cushman School’s China Cultural Exchange Program allows Cushman students and students from the Affiliated School at the Hunan University in Changsha, China, to share and communicate via web conference. And once a year on an alternating basis, students get the chance to attend each other’s schools, live in each other’s homes and become fully immersed in each other’s language, cultures and life-styles. Learn more about our connection with China here.

Travel aspects of Global Education:

  • Travel to Costa Rica:  The biannual middle school trip to Costa Rica is an experience that is an integral part of our Science, Latin American History and Spanish curriculums.  We believe that travel helps students connect learning with life.  The self-confidence and global awareness our students gain from this travel experience becomes the foundation for a lifetime of discovery.
  • Travel exchange with China:  Cushman students, teachers and parents traveled to China, visiting Beijing and the Elementary School at Hunan University.  Travelers studied the culture and history of the country before departing students stayed with Chinese families.  Students and teachers from this school in the Hunan Province visited Cushman for three weeks during two alternate years, bringing much to Cushman in terms of global awareness and world culture.
  • Summer trip to Spain:  This summer, Cushman students, teachers and parents will embark on a trip to Spain and visit a variety of cities including Madrid, Toledo, Salamanca, Bilbao, and Segovia.  The Cushman travelers will learn about the culture, history, and customs of Spain through full immersion with their friends from our ‘sister school,’ La Merced Jesuit in Burgos.

Service aspects of Global Education:

  • Service Learning in the Middle School: Service Learning connects school-based curriculum with the inherent caring and concern young people have for their world, whether on their school campus, at a local food bank, or in a distant rainforest.  The results are memorable, lifelong lessons for students to foster a stronger society for us all.  Service Learning differs from other forms of community service or volunteer work because the education of students and young people is always at its core.  Students are actively participating in the process of understanding, integrating, and applying knowledge from various subject areas as they work to improve the global community.  We at The Cushman Middle School feel this is an important habit to cultivate.  Cushman encourages a spirit of service among its students through participation in Student Government, Cushman Cares Projects, food drives, community service days and various other activities in conjunction with our diverse Service Learning themes.  In a two year rotation, our students research and discover opportunities and issues centered around global and community issues
    • School wide service projects:  Through the Student Councils, the Cushman School Parents' Association and Cushman Cares, Cushman has been able to reach out to the global community.   Through donations to people in need such as the Haitian earthquake victims, troops in the Middle East, and school children in Afghanistan and Africa, Cushman families are able to give not just material items but also give the time, care, effort and concern that make the donations true gifts from the heart.