Board of Trustees

Cushman School Board of Trustees

Some are parents, alumni, or grandparents. Others are community leaders and former educators. Each of them has a unique relationship with The Cushman School, but the active members of The Cushman School Board of Trustees have one thing in common: they are dedicated to ensuring that the mission and values on which our School is built will continue to guide students for years to come. 

2014-2015 Executive Board Members:

Victor Napoli, Chairman of the Board

Maria Junquera-Browne, Vice Co-Chairman of the Board

FJ Pollak, Vice Co-Chairman of the Board

Kim Kovel, Treasurer

Martha Anne Collins, Secretary

Trustees: Sara Colombo, Lina Eusse-Feliz, John Kunkel, Douglas Jones '94, George Lindemann, Ali Matlick, Jorge Nājera, FJ Pollak, Todd Snyder, Arvi Balseiro (Head of School)

Legal Counsel to the Board: Michael Sastre, Esq.