Our Heritage

heritage main pictureDespite adapting to an ever-globalizing world, 21st century Cushman isn’t so different from its roots. From teaching Industry, Courtesy, Responsibility, and Scholarship, to holding assemblies and encouraging our students to shake hands upon entering the classroom, The Cushman School’s dedication to these very roots is what has made us one of the best schools in the country.

As hard as we work to bring new ideas and technologies into our classrooms, we work even harder to educate our students about Dr. Cushman’s Philosophy and the rich history of The Cushman School. Our heritage isn’t just a pedigree—it’s the story of a vision that was brought to fruition more than eight decades ago. And this very vision is what we use today to guide your children through the most important years of their lives.  Based on the beautiful community of people that Cushman has developed since Dr. Cushman first opened her doors in 1924, we’d say that it’s a vision that seems to work.