When it came to education, Dr. Laura Cushman was a true visionary. In every way possible, we attempt to combine our cutting edge curriculum with her passion for teaching children to embrace the values of Industry, Courtesy, Responsibility, and Scholarship. It’s because of this, that every student at The Cushman School is encouraged and expected to work toward personalized goals, be well mannered and respectful, and grow in character while developing academically.

The Cushman School curriculum itself is a living document, one rooted in brain research—a constantly evolving field that aims to understand how children learn best. We combine innovative technology with proven concepts in education, including the work of John Dewey, Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia, and they become enlivened in every classroom on a daily basis. This allows us to ensure that our educational approach is tailored to each student.

This personalized approach addresses the needs of each of our students holistically. Cushman’s highly trained faculty empowers students to discover and understand their strengths, interests, values and personalities while promoting habits of mind, leadership, organization and public speaking skills. The daily integration of highly-acclaimed, research-based programs contributes to the educational experience of each child. These include Story Grammar Marker, Power Writing, Open Court Methodology, Handwriting without Tears, Accelerated Reader, Lexia, Lesson One Virtues Program, Cuisenaire Rods and Singapore Math. It becomes quite clear why the educational foundation provided at Cushman is so effective and links each child's identity to excellence.