Performing Arts

Music and Performing Arts are an integral part of our curriculum. From the time our students enter the nursery up until they graduate from the eighth grade, they are constantly exposed to music and the performing arts. 

All students at The Cushman School participate in assemblies throughout the year, which allows them to showcase their classroom curriculum. Presentations incorporate singing, dancing, playing instruments and reciting poetry in front of an audience. In addition, the second through fifth grade participates in the annual Spring Play starring the fifth grade class. As the students continue on to the Middle School, they are offered multiple fine arts electives, which include theatre, choir and composition.

In 2012, Cushman introduced a first of its kind Artist-in-Residence program. This unique experience actively engages Middle School students with working professionals to enhance their understanding of the creative process as well as their musical/artistic skills.

In Jan. 2015, Artist-in-Residence, Willie Stewart, worked with students for a week that culminated with a musical performance in which all 120 students "drummed" with one powerful voice.

"The performance encapsulated what Cushman and its program are all about. It demonstrated what Cushman is and why the School is in a league of its own. Diversity, tolerance, team work, arts appreciation, excellence - our points of distinction. Our culture is unique and hard to find in Miami. That is what must be preserved at all costs. Bravo Lisa Herbert, Jennifer Geimer, Vincent Hamilton and all others involved! Priceless performance. Beautiful, lasting memories were created yesterday - that is what it is all about. Enhancing the human experience. Thank you!" -- Cushman parent of a 6th and 1st grade student.

Also recently introduced, Cushman's Music Festival Series brings accomplished professional bands to our campus. Not only festive for the whole family, these concert performances demonstrate Cushman’s commitment to exposing our students to music as a vehicle for growth and lifestyle enhancement.


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