Visual Arts Program Pictures/visualarts.jpgThe main Art Room on the Elementary side of campus is an ever-changing gallery and studio space filled with every tool a child could need to imagine, create and bring an idea to fruition.

The Gallery Walk:

Cushman's first Gallery Walk was held in January 2013, in which visual arts creations from our talented students were showcased throughout campus. Ranging from beautiful sunflower paintings by Dr. Haralson's youngest artists through spectacular creations from Middle School students preparing their portfolios (for entry into specialized Art High Schools), the overall presentation gives the Miami Design District some neighborly competition. This fanatastic display of Cushman's impressive Visual Arts accomplishments will be featured each January as a new year celebration.

Essential Values of The Cushman School Visual Arts Program:

Individual: Through visual arts, the individual expresses his or her feelings and gains a personal satisfaction through personal accomplishments and creative problem solving.

Societal: Visual arts bring individuals together. It helps us assume a personal responsibility for the improvement of community living.

Cultural: Visual arts record the achievement of mankind. It helps us to understand the past and present cultures of today’s society. Visual arts help build cultural bridges between people.

The works of art that our children produce are some of the most precious of their lives, and are evidence of the journey that our children take during one of the most imaginative timeframes in their lives.