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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Cushman School: Diversity & Inclusion

At The Cushman School, we are preparing our students to become world-class citizens.  World-class citizens place irrefutable value on the many ways we are diverse.  Therefore, we understand that regardless of one's race, ethnicity, family structure, age, intellectual ability, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, or cultural or socioeconomic background, there must be equity and the demonstration of inclusion is expected.

It is our aim to expose The Cushman School's employees and students to one another's vast experiences, ideals and cultures and, in a developmentally appropriate manner, to explore and examine  ways of thinking amongst us. These learning experiences reflect The Cushman School's philosophy and the behaviors and mindsets that we expect from our community.

Strategic goals developed by the Board of Trustees are aimed at strengthening our diverse faculty, staff and student population within our highly inclusive environment. The Cushman School's ideals embrace respect and courtesy, and we believe that the demonstration of The Cushman School Philosophy and inclusion lead to a life well-lived.