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The Cushman School

An Identity Linked to Excellence

Letter from Head of School

As The Cushman School’s third Head of School in 95 years, it is an honor and privilege to continue to fulfill Dr. Cushman’s philosophy. It proves to be even more relevant today than it was when it was established over nine decades ago. Instilling in our students a strong work ethic, a sense of personal and joint responsibility to oneself, the school and community, and unfailing courtesy continue to be fundamental to the achievement of academic success and a strong demonstration of character. As we continue to provide cutting-edge educational programming that is founded in current research, we embed the 21st century skills and Habits of Mind into the curriculum to ensure we are preparing your children to be critical and creative thinkers who are fully engaged in learning.

The Cushman School is the oldest continuously operating independent school in Miami-Dade County. Our roots in the community are deep and our reputation as a school where children flourish is unparalleled. I invite you to become a part of The Cushman School family and our identity linked to excellence.

With warmest regards,

Arvi Balseiro
Head of School