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Parents as Partners

So what’s the difference in our parent community?

The way in which educators and parents work together to stay abreast of current theory, practice, and principles is what makes the difference. This love of learning is one thing that we can certainly feel proud to pass on to our children.

At The Cushman School, we know that in our quest to help our children develop into future leaders, strong characters, and life-long learners, parents are our strongest and most reliable allies.

We also know that we have an extremely unique and dedicated group of parents. From attending Parent-Student Literacy Circles to distributing tasty slices around school on Pizza Lunch Day, to supporting the Annual Fund, Cushman parents can always be found somewhere on campus working hard to participate in their child’s learning experience.

In order to continue bridging the gap between home and school, we’re staying focused on developing engaging and fun ways for Cushman parents to become partners. Check out the CSPA page for more information.