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Elementary School Welcome

Dear Families,

Welcome to the Cushman Elementary School. From the moment your child joins us, he or she accesses nearly a century of traditions that will shape his or her future and pave the way for personal and professional success. It is truly a special place to be. Stop by the school on any morning and you will see our students gathered at the flag pole, or in the historic courtyard, in quiet attention as school leaders share words of wisdom and encouragement with the children. It is an intimate and valuable way to start each day and supports the character development we so tirelessly pursue.
In fact, the philosophy of the school, Character First, is what drives everything we do and is supported by the faculty in their actions and lessons. Every teacher, every day, reinforces our high expectations. And the children interact with many educators to reinforce the consistency of the character message. Students are exposed to various teaching styles and methods of organization, increasing student flexibility and giving students access to faculty who are experts in diverse subjects. By melding the character curriculum with the academic curriculum, as well as our physical education and the fine arts program, the needs of the ‘whole child’ are met.
Let me explain: Our Elementary School encompasses first through fifth grade. The general education program has two sections at each grade level with approximately 20 students per class. The core curriculum includes language arts, literature math, science, and social studies. Beginning in third grade, and with increasing frequency through fifth grade, students rotate among teachers for core subjects. Our World Languages program includes Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Enriching the core curriculum is daily physical education plus art, music, library, math lab and science lab. Technology infuses all we do with the students creating electronic portfolios. Our virtues program, which includes Lesson One: Skills for Life, is taught in an ongoing manner by the guidance counselor, who meets with each class weekly, and which is constantly stressed by all faculty members.
The curriculum is presented in a hands-on, project-based manner. Students are assessed in a variety of ways and receive a report card quarterly, which consists of either qualitative assessments (gr. 1, 2, 3) or percentage-based letter grades (gr. 4 and 5). Cushman recognizes each student’s strengths and challenges, as well as their various learning styles.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Cushman School’s Elementary division. Please contact Sheri Rentzepis, Director of Admissions,, for a personal tour or to answer any questions. It would be my pleasure to speak with you as well.
Warm regards,

Cheryl Rogers

Elementary Curriculum