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High School Curriculum

High School Curriculum PictureThe Cushman High School celebrates each student’s uniqueness, and recognizes the power of young people to serve as agents of change. The School provides a range of rigorous offerings and promotes leadership, communication, and innovation as cornerstone skill-sets.

In the video above, ninth graders bring their design-thinking concepts to life as part of their end-of-the-year art projects. In Cushman’s new high school division, these kinds of hands-on projects ensure students gain insight into the real-life applications of their lessons.

Cushman's High School students must...

  • Have the skills to adjust to varied learning environments;
  • Look at the biggest issues of our time and deconstruct the systems at play;
  • Embrace scholarship and interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving;
  • Be innovative and work independently and as part of a team; and
  • Recognize that he or she is important and needed in this rapidly changing world

“Today we understand that the future of humanity very much depends on our planet, and that the future of the planet very much depends on humanity.” H.H. Dalai Lama


E: Essentials*       R: Regular     H: Honors         AP: Advanced Placement

* Courses offered at the Essentials level as needed.


  • English 1 - R/H
  • English 2 - R/H
  • English 3 - - R/H
  • English - AP
  • English Lit - AP
  • English semester electives(Seniors only) including:
  • Politics/Fiction and Film
  • Creative Writing
  • Self-publishing

Social Studies

  • World Issues -R/H/AP
  • American History -R/H/AP
  • Human Geography- R/H/AP
  • US Government - R/H/AP
  • Macro/Micro Economics - R/AP
  • Psychology - R/H/AP
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Speech and Debate
  • Law and Society
  • Other Electives


  • Algebra I - R/H
  • Algebra II- R/H
  • Geometry -R/H
  • PreCalculus - R/H
  • Calculus- R/H/AP/AP
  • Probability/Stat - R/H/AP
  • Computer Programing - R/H/AP
  • Consumer Math
  • Chaos and Fractals


  • Physics - R/H/AP
  • Chemistry - R/H/AP
  • Biology - R/H/AP
  • Env. Science – R/H/AP
  • Marine Biology - R/H
  • Anatomy/Physiology R/H
  • Climate & Society R/H
  • Computer Programing R/H/AP
  • Other Electives

World Languages

  • Spanish 1-IV - R/H/AP
  • French I-IV - R/H/AP
  • Latin I-IV - R/H/AP
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Sign Language


  • Studio Art - R/H/AP
  • 3-D Design/Architecture
  • Acting/Performance Theater
  • Music Theory - R/AP
  • Dance/Music/Choir Labs
  • Instrumental Ensemble
  • Speech & Debate/Oratory
  • Social Media and Marketing


  • 9th Grade PE
  • 10th Grade PE

Note: Team sports may also be played in partnership with the student’s home school

Society & Me

  • Annual Projects

 Core Competencies:

  • Interdisciplinary Design Gr 9
  • Arts Education Gr 9
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Gr 10
  • Internships and Mentorships Gr 10-12

With school approval:

Independent Study; On-Line Classes; Travel Learning

High School Graduation Requirements - Minimum Credits:  (Note: 1 credit = a year-long course. 0.5 credits = a semester-long course)

  • 4 English - each with significant writing
  • 4 Mathematics - at or above Algebra 1 level
  • 3 Science - at least two lab sciences
  • 3 Social Studies - including Global Studies & American History
  • 2 World Languages - sequential in same language
  • 1 Fine Arts - visual/performing arts
  • 2 Physical Ed/Health  - required for all students
  • 5 Other - core competencies; required credits

Society & Me Challenge Seminar

At the beginning of each school year, students immerse themselves in exploring issues of global significance and finding local applications.  Each student will frame their own challenge question and spend the next six months, researching, innovating and ultimately answering it.

In addition to individual Challenge Questions, a class-wide challenge question will be addressed, annually.

The Cushman High School celebrates teenagers as agents of change by:

  • Demanding academic excellence and developing inquiry
  • Promoting solution-oriented thinking and celebrating innovation
  • Offering rich immersion experiences
  • Confronting global crises and addressing local challenges
  • Championing projects that deepen learning and cultivate self-direction and collaboration skills
  • Using the arts and technology as tools in problem-solving
  • Showcasing student-created solutions
Ultimately, each Cushman graduate will recognize that
he/she plays an important role
in addressing the challenges of our rapidly changing world