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Laura Cushman Academy Curriculum

In any group of children, a handful will have difficulty with school.

For the student, and even for the parent, these learning challenges can often bring about feelings of frustration and failure. 

It’s our belief that these challenges can be worked through by focusing on the individual learning needs of each child—so we designed The Laura Cushman Academy, a program that is able to positively impact children in every facet of their lives by creating a comprehensive, collaborative, team effort among parents, teachers, students and administrators.

At The Laura Cushman Academy, we specialize in providing students who have academic difficulties, auditory and/or visual processing difficulties, sensory integration issues, and/or language issues with diagnostic-prescriptive instruction, novel multi-sensory activities, and speech and language therapy. Smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction allow us to focus on the needs of the whole child—and as each student’s confidence increases, true student learning takes place.

From our full inclusion, multiage Primary School class through grade eight, LCA students receive guidance from multiple specially trained and highly educated faculty members who utilize a clinical curriculum while incorporating The Cushman School philosophy and values into their daily lesson plans. In The Laura Cushman Academy program, students follow The Cushman School curriculum supplemented by individualized multi-faceted support programs. On every level of the LCA education, our students are active members of the Cushman Family—participating in field trips, sports, and celebrations and activities with their “team classes”.

While the time that each student spends in The Laura Cushman Academy varies, our goal is to offer remediation that allows Laura Cushman Academy students to return to the general education program at Cushman when the timing is right.  We strive to set each of our students up for success by working closely with their families to ensure that this step is taken at the right time and with the most possible planning.

True student learning is possible for all children—and at The Laura Cushman Academy, we make it our mission to ensure that our students not only have the resources necessary to understand and overcome academic challenges, but that they leave our program with all the tools necessary to ensure continued success both in school and in life.