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Laura Cushman Academy Welcome

Dear Families,

Character development is the cornerstone of our mission, and it is embedded in all that we do. We strive to fulfill the mission of The Cushman School: To develop all students as responsible citizens and effective future leaders who maintain a positive approach to life. The educational environment at our school fosters in students the qualities of virtue, responsibility, respect for self and others, and nurtures the student in intellectual, physical and spiritual growth.

The Laura Cushman Academy is a program within The Cushman School that accommodates students three years old through high school with average or above average intelligence who are able to engage and interact with minimal supervision. The students who attend The Laura Cushman Academy thrive in smaller classes and they benefit from the highly individualized, multi-sensory setting, but do not require one-on-one attention at all times. The students we serve have the potential, with appropriate remediation, to achieve academically and to function independently in less structured settings. Our goal is to have students placed in the most appropriate setting that meets their needs.  We believe in creating a comprehensive team effort between parents, teachers, students and administrators. It is our belief that through this collaboration, great things can happen.

Some of our students’ learning challenges present themselves in various ways that may include difficulty with reading comprehension, word recognition, mathematics, or with memory for facts or names. Other students may have difficulty expressing themselves orally or in writing. Students within The Laura Cushman Academy may also be easily distracted, have challenges with organization, or trouble starting and remaining on task.

Because of these learning challenges, many of our students have experienced feelings of failure and frustration in other academic settings.  Our goal is to provide an encouraging academic and social environment in which each student can succeed. Through this success, confidence will increase and true student learning can take place.  We believe in the power of positive reinforcement and of fostering positive self-concept in our students.

At The Laura Cushman Academy, we provide quality education for a lifetime of learning. We feel strongly that all children can learn and it is our responsibility to celebrate their unique gifts. We work on providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment in which our students can explore these gifts.  We are a school that promotes respect for the individual and we celebrate the many facets of diversity.

I would love the opportunity to talk to you more about your child’s individual needs and how The Laura Cushman Academy can possibly bring out the best in your child. 

Warm regards,

Tracy Ross, Ph.D.
Laura Cushman Academy Director

LCA Curriculum