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The Cushman School

An Identity Linked to Excellence

Middle School Curriculum

The Cushman Middle School presents its students with as many enriching and engaging options for exploring and pursuing their passions as possible. At the same time, we have designed a daily curriculum around practices that encourage students to take on examples of the new and exciting responsibilities that await them in high school and beyond.

Whether your student is passionate about art, science, or athletics, The Cushman Middle School is a place in which they have the resources to flourish and grow. Between the traditional morning and afternoon flag ceremonies exists a varied and dynamic curriculum—taught by educators who share a passion for enriching the lives of their students.

Our scheduling gives students the chance to interchange between block days, during which there is a focus upon three academic classes, and period days, which allow students to rotate through all of their courses. From science and math to Latin and social studies, Middle Schoolers are offered a technology-driven environment within which engaging simulations, interesting projects, and captivating dialogue are the norm.

Beyond the virtues of responsibility, industry, and courtesy, a Cushman graduate leaves the eighth grade as a technologically savvy, confident, and self-aware learner. The sense of responsibility that our graduates maintain in regard to community and family is supplemented by the skills they developed in their two years as part of The Cushman Middle School—and it’s no surprise that these graduates not only go on to attend fantastic high schools and universities, but that the friendships and relationships that they developed on the Cushman campus are ones that never seem to fade.

As we watch our students move on to bigger and better things, we’re not only proud of them, we’re confident that what we have given them is more important than just a good education—it’s a positive attitude and a skill-set that will guide them through the greatest challenges of their lives. And because growing up is something that we never stop doing, it’s important to us that our students have everything they need to reach all the dreams they’ll have along the way.