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The Cushman School

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Physical Education

The Cushman School's Physical Education Program is one that has been recognized and awarded as being outstanding among schools in Dade County.  All students attend PE on a daily basis and they enjoy yoga once a week. Our PE curriculum focuses on building sportsmanship, flexibility, muscle strength, endurance and agility in our students. They acquire the skills and learn the rules needed to confidently participate in both individual and group sports. Our aim is to develop students' healthy life-styles coupled with a love for a life-long engagement in sports.

Blue & White Days are celebratory highlights of Cushman’s unique PE program during which teams compete monthly and await the end-of-school-year announcement of the team that acquired the most points. This competition invites parents to participate on certain days and is a favorite among Cushman families.

Yoga is offered to most Cushman students as a part of their weekly PE schedule and as an elective for Middle and High School students.