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Primary School Welcome

Dear Families,

A happy child is a child who learns best! Dr. Laura Cushman knew that to be true and for nearly a century The Cushman School has perpetuated an environment where happy children abound. Our emphasis on character development is a cornerstone of Dr. Cushman’s philosophy. Students in our Primary School develop the foundation of personal and joint responsibility, a strong work ethic, respect for themselves and others, as well as courteous and empathetic behavior.

Our multiage program for children aged three and four offers a warm, nurturing environment in which they can feel secure as they build social, physical, emotional, and intellectual foundations. Kindergarten students are placed in single-age classrooms where they receive individualized and small group reading instruction. These classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and other technology to enhance learning experiences. This year, the addition of our STEAM…(science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) program will fully engage students as well.

The Cushman School seeks to develop the whole child. From Primary through High School, our aim is to instill a love of learning in our students as they engage in meaningful experiences that prepare them for an ever-changing future. We set the foundation needed for students to think and respond critically, responsibly, and creatively with confidence and poise. We strive to develop students who are responsible, caring young adults who can make positive choices for their own lives and contribute to making their homes, schools, communities and world a better place.

Please feel free to call me at: 305-757-8359 so that I can share more about our program with you, and set up a tour with our Director of Admissions.

Best Wishes,

Jill Sevilla
Primary School Director

Primary School Curriculum