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Upper School Welcome

Jennifer GeimerWelcome to The Cushman School’s Upper Division, comprised of 6th through 12th grade. Our curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to appropriately challenge our students as they grow through the critically important adolescent and teenage years. During this age range, brain research continues to confirm that this is a time in which our students need significant emotional and social support as they navigate the digital world we live in and face increased “coming of age” pressures. At the same time, as our 8th grade students matriculate onto high school, they seek additional independence and purpose. The delicate balance of providing a loving and nurturing environment coupled with opportunities to become “agents of change” and make a difference in our society (and beyond) is something Cushman’s administration and faculty have worked hard to create. We believe rigorous academics in a vacuum are far less effective that providing learning experiences that are relevant and meaningful with regular hands-on lessons. Our small class sizes and partnerships with the surrounding, international community ensure that real “action” positively impacts education. The Cushman School’s spiraling curriculum is known for just that! Beginning with our youngest pre-k-5 students until we send our graduates on to college, Cushman offers a comprehensive educational journey full of enrichment, the arts, technology, physical education, exciting field trips and so much more.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Jennifer Geimer
Upper School Director

Middle School (6-8) Curriculum

High School (9-12) Curriculum