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Welcome to Cushman’s High School

Dear Families, 

It is often difficult to reconcile in our minds that these young men and women in high school were, just yesterday, toddlers in small beds! With the same determination they used to avoid naps back then, they now seek naps at every opportunity. The solution is to keep them engaged, energized and empowered.

With three decades in education, I can attest to the fact that teens are the most simultaneously challenging and rewarding age group to teach, nurture and empower. At Cushman, we believe that the effective balance of rigorous academics, hands-on real-life experiences and instilling strength of character equates to well-rounded successful young adults. Our students not only excel at top colleges/universities of their choice and in the various careers they pursue, they maintain a positive approach to life inspired to make a difference!

Given the right tools, the power of these young people to effect change and to contribute to society is impressive. Our talented faculty (all hold a Master’s Degree at minimum) and staff have high standards and big hearts, guiding each and every student to be their best selves, and most importantly, to dream big. Thus, the Cushman High School celebrates each student’s uniqueness, and recognizes the power of young people to serve as agents of change.  The school promotes leadership, communication, and innovation as cornerstone skill-sets.

Ultimately, each Cushman High School student will recognize that he or she is important and needed in this rapidly changing world. Required courses provide a solid academic springboard that not only gets our students into top colleges, but equips them with the skills they need to succeed while there. Our curriculum also builds core competencies in the critical areas of art, technology and design in best preparation for today’s marketplace. The Society & Me Challenge Seminar, required annually, provides opportunities for young people to help solve complex problems; Students explore issues of global significance and find local applications. Through this work, we develop inquiry, promote solution-oriented thinking, and celebrate innovation every day at Cushman High.

I invite you to contact me directly and learn more about how the new Cushman High School is creating the kinds of students universities want!

Mrs. Caroline Lewis
High School Director

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