Chad Konchak, Class of 1994

A good education is more than a delivery system of facts and methods.  A good education not only builds a child's toolbox, but develops their decision making process to know when to pick the right tools and instills in them the confidence to use them.  Cushman embodies a good education.  I have grown from a solid foundation of roots planted in the well-rounded and comprehensive education I was very privileged to have.  Although Cushman was a school, it was also community: a place where you were taught to be kind to others and to succeed as a team.  While I probably cannot still recite the fifty United States in alphabetical order or remember exactly how James got out of the "Giant Peach", I am confident that Cushman is responsible for developing my confidence, altruism, and self-reliance, which have served me well into my adult life.  I am truly grateful for Cushman having guided my early development and I am proud of her ongoing success.