Farah Bridges (Rajani) , Class of 1989

When I was a student at Cushman, there were monthly assemblies in which every student had a speaking part.  I was pretty shy, but the teachers and students at Cushman made me feel comfortable on stage.  I still remember my roles in these assemblies, including news anchor Cokie Roberts, a pastry chef, and one of several good witches in a rendition of the Wizard of Oz.  One of the most memorable moments was at my sixth grade graduation, when I delivered a speech in front of my peers, teachers, and parents on the hallmarks of the Cushman philosophy--courtesy, responsibility, industry, and scholarship. These days, I spend most of my time preparing legal arguments and presenting them to a judge and courtroom full of attorneys.  I know that I can credit my family and the teachers at Cushman who helped me develop, at an early age, the self-confidence and skills that I now use as an attorney.