Krystal Barrios, Class of 2012

I attended Cushman for 10 years. Cushman taught me the fundamental base 
of technology and computers. Going into High School we are a technology 
based school that uses MAC books. It is a requirement to complete one 
course online through FLVS. At my school we have to take two courses 
per semester. I completed four courses in one semester with A's. I was 
one of the most ahead students in my 9th grade class with the knowledge 
of technology. I think the reason behind it is because at Cushman we 
had to have our own computers starting in 5th grade and prior to that 
when I first started Cushman we had "Computer Lab" and also there would 
be a club after school that I attended all throughout my primary life 
at Cushman. I remember from when I was in 4th grade with Mrs. Heffernan 
that I would type all my vocabulary and defintions.