Peter-Paul Grootens, Class of 2010

I am extremely honored to share with you the impact The Cushman School has on my educational and personal life.  My years at Cushman were certainly the most memorable, considering I attended the school since I was three years old.  The school was practically my second home.  The education I received and opportunities I was given, afforded me a solid foundation of citizenship, academic rigor, and athletic introduction.  One of my fondest memories at Cushman was the 7th grade trip to Costa Rica.  As a middle school student with newfound independence, I embarked on a voyage outside the boundaries of the United States without my parents.  I not only learned to manage being away from home in a foreign country that week, but I also gained a perspective of a different culture.  Another memory I have of being a student at Cushman was participating in the school’s athletic program.  The philosophy that all children get a chance to join a school sport helped me to emerge as the student-athlete I am today.  My early beginnings as a Cross Country runner were not ones recorded in any record book, however, through the guidance of the school’s Athletic Department, I soon became one of the school top athletes.  The lessons of perseverance, time management, and sportsmanship I carry with me to this day.  My accomplishments in high school already reflect the lessons Cushman instilled in every athlete.  During my freshman year, I was ranked as the fastest two-miler in the region in track and led the cross-country program as co-captain my sophomore year.  I continue to strive to do my personal best on and off the field.