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The Cushman School

An Identity Linked to Excellence

The Cushman School Welcomes You

At The Cushman School, every child is gifted, and our teachers make it their responsibility to find that special gift. We celebrate and respect the individuality and differences of each child. We strengthen your child’s mind and body and nurture their sensitivities.

Founded by a true visionary, The Cushman School reflects an 90-year-old pledge made by Dr. Laura Cushman to teach children to embrace the virtues of industry, courtesy, responsibility and scholarship. The Cushman student is encouraged and expected to work towards personalized goals, be well-mannered, respectful, accept responsibility, grow in character and develop academically.

Our innovative curricula, which draws from some of the most progressive and innovative thinkers of our time, ensure that Cushman students exceed both academically and socially.

The Cushman School offers a rigorous and innovative curriculum for students, nursery through grade eight and is an independent, non-denominational, non-discriminatory school designed for boys and girls of average and above developmental and learning ability. Additionally, the Laura Cushman Academy addresses the needs of students with learning differences. Our campus is a historic site located in the heart of Greater Miami.