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Artist in Residence

Artist in ResidenceIn 2012, Cushman introduced a first of its kind Artist-in-Residence Program. The objective of this unique program is to expose our Middle School students to the creative process of working with a professional local artist. We invite artists of all disciplines into our school to spend one week with our students in an enlightening and empowering experience that teaches new skills, stretches their imaginations and promotes collaborative and ensemble thinking. The outcome of their week-long journey is then presented at the annual Gallery Walk event held on campus, which showcases works of art from the entire student body.
Now in its eighth year, the Artist-in-Residence Program, has featured local artist Nina Surel in the completion of mixed media installations focused around the theme: "See the World Through Our Eyes: The Power is in the Message!”  This in-depth immersion involved the analysis of critical global issues including homelessness, animal cruelty, religious extremism and political corruption. In Jan. 2015, musician Willie Stewart, worked with students for a week that culminated with a performance in which all 120 students "drummed" with one powerful voice. Last year, students will explore the art of sculpture with Ms. Christina Painter and Mr. Dan Peterson focusing on the theme, “Our Living Earth."

"The performance encapsulated what Cushman and its program are all about. It demonstrated what Cushman is and why the School is in a league of its own. Diversity, tolerance, team work, arts appreciation, excellence - our points of distinction. Our culture is unique and hard to find in Miami. That is what must be preserved at all costs. Bravo Lisa Herbert, Jennifer Geimer, and all others involved! Priceless performance. Beautiful, lasting memories were created yesterday - that is what it is all about. Enhancing the human experience. Thank you!" -- Cushman parent of a 6th and 1st grade student.