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Frequently Asked Questions about Cushman Athletics

Cushman’s Athletic Program is for boys and girls in 5th through 8th grade.  Cushman's teams practice 3-5 times a week and compete against other schools in the South Florida Middle School Conference (SFMSC). The sports seasons range from 8-12 weeks. The pre-season training is done by the Fast Twitch performance team. Off-season programs continue the development of the student-athletes year-round.

Fall sports are volleyball (girls only) and cross-country. Winter sports are basketball and soccer.  Spring sports are tennis, track and field and intramural baseball/softball.

There are no additional costs for the 5th-8th grade Athletics Program. Yes, there are fees for after-school clubs and CAD. 

Our experienced coaches have a proven track record of preparing student-athletes for high school, college and even professional sports.  The staff provides individualized attention to the student-athletes and creates a fun and competitive environment where they can enjoy the sport, grow and meet their goals.   

We have partnerships with the Miami Shores Tennis Club, Miami Shores Field, Fast Twitch Performance Facility, Morningside and Eaton Parks, etc. so our students benefit from training in diverse top-notch facilities and spacious fields. 

After school clubs generally run from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. and are offered in six 6-week sessions while CAD sports are schedule from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m., and may not follow the same 6-week session schedule.

1. Baseball clinics: Kindergarten through 4th grade (Fall through March) -Coached by Sheehan Planas-Arteaga

2. Intramural soccer: Kindergarten through 4th grade (Fall) - Coached by Christina Balseiro, Pedro Hernandez and Pablo Gentile

3. Intramural basketball: Kindergarten through 4th grade (Spring) – Coached by Julian Gates, Mike Bradley, Rodney Cunningham, Kodhamus Llong Bey

4. Volleyball clinics: Kindergarten through 8th grade (Fall) – Coached by the Barry University coaches and players

After School Clubs generally meet from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. and run in six, 6-week sessions to allow students to try different sports and activities throughout the school year. Follow this link to our after school clubs catalog:

Basketball: Pre-K – 4th grade
Capoeira: Pre-K-4 and older
Golf: Multi-age – 6th grade
Karate: Multi-age – 4th grade
Soccer: Nursery – 4th grade