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#OneMoreParent & FLIP-IT Movement!

Posted by: Head of School on Monday, September 17, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

Join the #OneMoreParent & FLIP-IT Movement with us!

Cushman’s culture is the unique foundation for all we strive to accomplish. From the development of your child’s character, to the exceptional schooling experience students receive, to the rich engagement and partnership our families have with us, Cushman’s social-emotional climate drives our success in making sure every person’s needs are addressed.

Sustaining the pulse of our culture and the social-emotional context from which it is created is a top priority.  The ever-changing societal forces which knock on your children’s doors daily often pose a threat to the wholesomeness that Dr. Cushman placed as an aim in The Cushman School Philosophy.  The hate and divisiveness that attempt to interfere with the demonstration of love and our collaborative and inclusive efforts, and the fear, impulsivity and anxiety that continue to disrupt a calm and secure state of being are becoming the most difficult challenges to overcome as we strive to preserve childhood and teenhood.

The #OneMoreParent Movement was officially launched last year following the violent Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shootings. As you may remember, I pleaded for your support in joining this movement in which The Cushman School and its families would take a stand to do everything in our locus of control to stop our children from viewing or engaging in violence of any nature.  The big Violent Video Throwaway was a successful attempt to begin this endeavor, and I once again ask you to refrain from permitting your child to play violent video and online games. I would be happy to accept any more violent video games that you have, and if you are a new family, please sign the #OneMoreParent Pledge in the Main Office.

This past Friday, I became aware of a horrific online game that swept across Europe and Asia and is infiltrating the United States: The Blue Whale Challenge. This game consists of many self-harm tasks that must be completed over 50 days; these tasks consist of anything from the viewers cutting themselves in the shape of a ‘whale’ as tasks are completed to watching scary videos, and more. There have been several cases that have led to suicide. In addition to this inappropriate, violent challenge, there are many other video games such as Fort Nite and Grand Theft Auto and movies such 13 Reasons Why that you must prevent your child from engaging in and viewing, or for high school students, view it together and engage in a critical discussion. If you are interested in viewing the ratings of electronic and online games, or to learn more about parental controls, the following website is helpful:

Another prevalent social-emotional distraction that is increasing the rates of childhood and teen depression and anxiety is social media. It is understood that parents want their children to have phones in the event of emergencies. Flip phones, as opposed to i-Phones or androids, serve this purpose and eliminate the negative influences of social media. Teens’ frontal lobes, where executive function and decision making reside, will not be fully developed until their mid-twenties. Helping your child through appropriate boundaries and parameters coupled with their continued development of ‘character’, will help him or her successfully navigate these uncharted waters.

These distractions serve as opposition to the efforts we make in reducing violence, aggression and anxiety, and in increasing love, compassion and empathy. I thank you in advance for once again joining efforts through our partnership in developing your child as a leader who has a positive approach to life.

- Arvi Balseiro

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