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Heritage Days

Posted by: Head of School on Monday, February 24, 2020 at 12:00:00 am

This Thursday and Friday are Heritage Days at Cushman, a long time tradition that links our students to their families’ history and the interconnectedness of our global community. As part of our fifth-grade social studies curriculum, students deliver impressive speeches about their ancestral roots and how their forefathers came to America. The Elementary pavilion is transformed into a "mini Epcot" from 9 to 11AM with elaborate displays, artifacts and fabulous food from all over the globe.

Preparation for this event begins months in advance as our fifth graders research, complete PowerPoint presentations, collaborate with family members and celebrate each other’s unique heritages. As students learn about the multiple cultures that comprise our international community, I’m pleasantly reminded of how wonderfully diverse and ethnically rich Cushman's student body is.

Instilling a global perspective in our students is imperative in today’s education. Not only do many careers depend on global intelligence, but fostering open-mindedness and compassion in our children leads to more peaceful coexistence for future generations.

Every year, this spectacular event reminds me that despite the different traditions, cultures and cuisines represented on this festive day, our students are all united in their educational journey while at The Cushman School.

- Arvi Balseiro

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