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When Dr. Laura Cushman founded The Cushman School almost 100 years ago her mission was simple: to educate students as responsible citizens and effective future leaders who maintain a positive approach to life.

A visionary, and a dreamer she was able to build an educational system and philosophy that still serves as an example for other schools across our county, state and nation today. At the heart of her teachings were kindness, empathy, understanding and generosity. All values that are taught to Cushman students and lessons that our students use to transform into leaders who help guide others through life.  Our students are our world’s top lawyers, artists, and like Dr. Cushman, visionaries. Changing the world, one day at a time. 

Now, looking forward, we want to ensure that Dr. Cushman’s vision and legacy live on. The Cushman Legacy Society brings together our top Cushman supporters, believers, and advocates, who are securing the legacy of The Cushman School and Dr. Cushman through gift planning.

What is planned giving?

A planned gift is the process of making a significant charitable gift that is part of one’s financial or estate plan. Often these come in the form of a bequest, trust, stock, estate, or gift of real or personal property, and the gifts help both the donor and the School. Through these gifts, donors can reduce taxes, increase income, or satisfy another personal financial need. In return, the school receives a significant outright or deferred gift.

Why make a planned gift?

With a planned gift you have the opportunity to impact and help future generations and solidify your legacy with The Cushman School in perpetuity. Planned giving is the perfect vehicle for those who believe in giving back for the benefit of future generations. You could enjoy a family naming opportunity, commit to a bigger gift by combining an outright donation with deferred support or could choose to make or leave The Cushman School as a benefactor in your will.

In addition, planned gifts provide you with many fiscal benefits. Tax breaks are a huge advantage to making a planned giving arrangement. The specifics will vary according to a range of factors, so you’ll need to evaluate the possibilities on a case-by-case basis.

Donors can give to a certain campaign or to the annual fund, but rarely do they have the chance to detail exactly how their money should be spent within the organization. Planned gifts put complete power in the donor’s hands.