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Cushman School Parents' Association (CSPA)

The Cushman School Parent Association ("CSPA") is responsible for acting as the liaison between the parent community and The Cushman School's staff, faculty, and administration, and is also their support system. Each CSPA Room Parent helps plan and facilitate supplemental class activities and parties.

The CSPA invites all parents to get involved! Opportunities range from fundraising, community service, social events, and participation in your child’s classroom. No effort is too small. Plus, most CSPA activities are so much fun that once you start volunteering you won’t want to stop. Check out the fun-filled list below.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about The Cushman School Parent Association, please contact our Associate Director of Parent Engagement & Philanthropy, Lisa Arvin at 

Upcoming Events:

#Shop: Nov. 30th to Dec. 4th

Cushman Conversation Café: Thursday, Nov 19th at 9 a.m. 

Main Campus CSPA Executive Officers:

  • President- Cristina Bruan
  • Vice President- Noelle Androuin
  • Treasurer- Casandra Murena
  • Secretary- Jennifer Taylor
For more information in general about the Main Campus CSPA, please contact our CSPA President at:

High School CSPA Executive Officers:

  • President- Gigi Turkel
  • Vice President- Michelle Jayme
  • Treasurer- Soledad Villamil
  • Secretary- Niza Motola
For more information in general about the High School CSPA, please contact our CSPA President at:

Main Campus CSPA meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 8:45 a.m.
High School CSPA meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:45 a.m. 

Ways to get involved!

Please sign up for the following Committees at

  • “Cushman Conversation Café” chaired by Laura Keller 
  • “Book Club Committee” “Fun and Parenting Educational books”  chaired by Lhana Nelson 
  • Teachers and Staff Appreciation Committee
  • #Shop Event Committee.   
  • New Families Mentor Committee 

Student Portraits are now available for purchase online:

 * If you are missing your child’s gallery password that was sent via CSPA email, please contact Shannon Zalman at:

Contact our Associate Director of Parent Engagement & Philanthropy, Lisa Arvin at 
Contact the Advancement Office here:

At Cushman our Parents are our Partners

So what’s the difference in our parent community?

The way in which educators and parents work together to stay abreast of current theory, practice, and principles is what makes the difference. This love of learning is one thing that we can certainly feel proud to pass on to our children.

At The Cushman School, we know that in our quest to help our children develop into future leaders, strong characters, and life-long learners, parents are our strongest and most reliable allies.

We also know that we have an extremely unique and dedicated group of parents. From attending Parent-Student Literacy Circles to distributing tasty slices around school on Pizza Lunch Day, to supporting the Annual Fund, Cushman parents can always be found somewhere on campus working hard to participate in their child’s learning experience.

In order to continue bridging the gap between home and school, we’re staying focused on developing engaging and fun ways for Cushman parents to become partners. Check out the CSPA page for more information.

Parent Series

Click here to view past Dr. Kanov sessions (Veracross login required)

One of the most important parts of the Cushman Family is our parent community, and it’s through each parent’s dedication to taking a hands-on and informed approach to his or her child’s learning experience that our entire community benefits. It is Cushman’s responsibility to offer a strong support system for and maintain a healthy dialogue with our families, so each year we offer a series of Parent workshops.

These workshops cover a variety of topics, and are opportunities for parents to learn more about Cushman’s programs and the strategies used for the delivery of curriculum. Parent Series sessions are also avenues in which the administration, faculty and staff share current research as it applies to education or information regarding our students’ health and safety. In addition, professionals from the community are often invited to present to our parents on a variety of parenting issues. 

Currently, Dr. Jeffrey Kanov is presenting a series of workshops called “The Secrets of Effective Parenting.”  A variety of topics are discussed from enabling vs. empowering children to dealing with children who disrespectfully talk back to adults.  He is available during these workshops to help support parents and answer their personal questions. Recently, Dr. Kanov sat down and answered some of our parents' most pressing questions for The Cushman School Annual Report of Giving. Check out the interview below. 

Click here for FAQ with Dr. Jeffrey Kanov!