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The Culture at Cushman

The tradition of philanthropy at The Cushman School began with our founding in 1924 and continues today, more than nine decades later. The history of generous support from our parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends helps to ensure that our students can learn in an environment that will foster their growth as leaders and in service to others.

With your help, we can close the gap between annual expenses and tuition revenue. We can provide financial aid; we can sustain and enhance academic excellence; we can preserve and improve facilities; and we can build and strengthen our school’s financial future. These essential objectives are pursued through a variety of fundraising channels and are not possible without your generous support.

Cushman relies on the voluntary participation and support of our community leaders, parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends to help sustain our present and build our future.

In this section of our website is all the information you’ll need to become part of our community of donors. As you explore, you’ll see the many ways you, or your company, can become a part of the Cushman family and help our students on their path to success. 




All gifts are tax deductible and many can be ear-marked for specific use.