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The Culture at Cushman

The tradition of philanthropy at The Cushman School began in 1924 when the School was founded and continues today 96 years later. The unwavering support from parents, alumni, the Board of Trustees, faculty & staff and friends in the community helps ensure that our students learn in an environment that will foster their growth in character and in service to others. It also allows Cushman to provide scholarships; sustain and enhance academic excellence through special programming; preserve and improve facilities; and strengthen our School's financial future. These essential objectives are not possible without the generosity of our donors.

Why are parents asked to make donations above tuition payments?

In the United States, independent (or private) schools do not receive federal or state funding. They depend on two resources: tuition revenue and philanthropic support. At Cushman, the administration and Board of Trustees have worked collaboratively to develop an operational budget for our core academic programs that do not exceed tuition revenue. However, the additional programming that makes Cushman so unique is funded through generous philanthropic support.

All gifts are tax deductible and many can be earmarked for specific use.