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"Viva La Vida" Fund

A Celebration of Life, the Love of Family and making a Cushman mom's wish come true. News/viva_maria.jpg
Maria Krasovitzky was a Cushman Mom with two children in the Primary School, Natalia and Nicolas. If you had the opportunity to meet her, you’ve witnessed her inner strength, vivacity and passion for life and for her children.

Maria battled cancer for several years and sadly, lost the physical battle on April 9, 2013. She wanted to leave a legacy behind for her children and for the benefit of all of our beloved kids, and beyond. Maria’s wish is that our community at and around Cushman come together to support her dream: the construction of a space that serves as a home to showcase our children’s performing arts, a place to expand their creativity, express their passion for life, and exalt the value of family. To this end, Maria and her family established the Viva La Vida Fund at The Cushman School. This is the first step towards making Maria’s dream a reality.

To date, three Viva la Vida Walks have taken place raising over $100,000.00 in Maria's honor. You may enjoy watching these special moments with participants strolling together in a "heartshaped" path around The Cushman School campus:

2015 Viva la Vida Walk video

2014 Viva la Vida Walk video

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