The Cushman Fund

Gifts to The Cushman Fund are dollars that are a part of our School’s yearly budget designed to help cover operating expenses. Given on an annual basis, these donations are used by The CushmanSchool to implement innovative programming and personalized services that tuition revenue doesn’t cover. Usually, the gifts are unrestricted and give us the necessary tools to be forward thinking and relevant while providing your children or family member with an excellent education Because costs go up every year, our Cushman Fund goal also increases yearly.

Your gift to The Cushman Fund is essential to how we operate and gives The Cushman School much-needed flexibility to provide our students with those necessary out of the box experiences that help develop their true selves. From extracurricular activities to our Athletics to teams, your gift is what helps make Cushman special.

As a non-profit independent school, the entire Cushman School community is encouraged to be involved in contributing annually to our Cushman Fund.  In doing so, we teach by model and example. We build morale; we build industry, courtesy, and responsibility; we build relationships; and most importantly, we build our future, one smile at a time.

It is what we do today, that our children model tomorrow.  Now more than ever, our future rests at this moment. As a member of our Cushman community, your gift will help shape the future of our students and help us expand our footprint. Your 100% participation is what makes the magic happen!

Giving Areas


 This fund allows Cushman School to grow its athletics programming while offering more programs and options to our community. Your donations help us acquire the necessary   equipment, coaches and costs involved with making our athletics program first-rate. Strong athletics programs instill unique values, work ethic, and discipline in students that help   them get ready for the competitive workplace.

 Faculty Development 

 Your donation improves the quality and caliber of our Cushman School’s faculty and staff with faculty development, pay increases, and other performance incentives. As top leaders   and experts in their fields, Cushman’s faculty and staff is the secret to our success!


This fund helps The Cushman School continue to develop visual and performing arts programming in the school equipping our students with essential motor and language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking and inventiveness that will benefit them as they develop into adulthood.

Greatest Need 

This fund will give Cushman the opportunity to proactively focus on the areas of importance for the students and the community. Gifts made to our the general fund will be used for the school’s greatest needs.


This scholarship fund helps underserved and middle-class families cover the costs associated with being a part of our unique Cushman family. Your donations provide access to the best  parents, students, faculty, teachers and education, and an opportunity to be a part of our priceless Cushman community!


This fund ensures that our students have state-of-the-art equipment and access to the latest developments. Your donation allows The Cushman School to investigate, acquire and incorporate the latest technology into our curriculum on both of our campuses.

You can also designate your funds for the Cushman High (middle school and high school).

Giving Levels

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Cushman K.A.R.E.S. Fund

Kindness, Adaptability, Responsibility, Empathy, Support

To aid members of our family who are enduring difficulties now and, in the future, and to help our School and community recover and thrive, we have come together to form the Cushman K.A.R.E.S Fund.

From helping some of our families who may face increased financial hardships, to aiding our faculty and staff with unexpected costs or issues they may be facing and to providing Cushman with the necessary technical infrastructure and support as we recover from crisis and thrive in the future, the Cushman K.A.R.E.S Fund is our way to show we CARE!

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