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The Cushman School

An Identity Linked to Excellence

Faculty & Staff

The Cushman School Administration
Name Role Email Address
Balseiro, Arvi Head of School
Cosgrove, Angus Dean of Students
Geimer, Jennifer Middle School Director
Lewis, Caroline High School Director
Rogers, Cheryl Principal
Ross, Tracy Laura Cushman Academy Director
Sevilla, Jill Primary School Director

Name Role Email Address
Blackman, Anna Director of World Languages
Fotiadis, Michelle Director of Communications
Gentile, Pablo Director of Athletics
Hedge, Astrid Innovation Center Director
Herbert, Lisa Director of Performing Arts
Livingston, Andrea Director of Technology
McCoy, Anne Director of Advancement
Ray, Diana Director of Finance
Rentzepis, Sheri Director of Admissions, Registrar
Sands, Glennda Director of Curriculum

Department Chairs
Name Role Email Address
Becker-Stamatis, Alicia Global Studies Chair
Calhoun, Cheryl Alumni Relations Chair

Primary School Faculty & Staff
Name Role Email Address
Gorman, Ann Kindergarten Teacher
Haralson, Dr. Cynthia Nursery Teacher
Hudepohl, Lang Multiage 3/4 year old Teacher
Jacklich, Shannon Kindergarten Teacher
Kretzschmar, Susan Multiage 3/4 year old Teacher
Kretzschmar, Susan Multiage 3/4 year old Teacher
Siemonof, Connie Multiage 3/4 year old Teacher
Wilson, Cheryl Multiage Inclusion Teacher
Wolfson, Randi Kindergarten Teacher

Elementary School Faculty & Staff
Name Role Email Address
Boland, Cristina 1st Grade Teacher
Brandt, Donna 4th Grade Teacher
Brandt, Sabrina 1st Grade Teacher
Calabretta, Kate 2nd Grade Teacher
Calhoun, Cheryl 4th & 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher
de la Torre, Sandra 5th Grade Teacher
Duffy, Ada Elementary Art Teacher
Griffin, Corinne 3rd Grade Teacher
Haralson, Katherine 1st Grade Teacher
Martin, Melissa 4th Grade Teacher
Paredes, Talita 3rd Grade Teacher
Sturman, Monica 1st Grade Teacher
Wesley, Susan 2nd Grade Teacher

Middle School Faculty & Staff
Name Role Email Address
Becker, Alicia MS Advisor, MS Spanish
Blackman, Anna MS Advisor, MS Spanish
Cabana, Greg MS English Teacher
Calhoun, Caroline MS Advisor, MS Science
Delmont-Poulos, Andrea MS English Teacher & NJHS Advisor
Field, Mark MS & NJHS Advisor, English Teacher
Kopsick, Lesley MS Advisor, MS LCA Teacher
Ley-Sepe, Cynthia MS Advisor, Latin Teacher; Student Government Advisor
Ostrowski, Dale Middle School Office Staff
Pisano, Michele MS Learning Lab
Racki, Fred MS Advisor, MS Math Teacher
Rodriguez, Leanna MS Advisor, MS Social Studies
Sauleda, Arlene MS Advisor, MS Math Teacher
Schmitt, Jessica MS Advisor & MS Study Skills
Sevilla, Alexa MS Advisor, MS Social Studies
Sontag, Dona MS Advisor, MS Science Teacher
Stobs, Melissa MS Advisor & LCA Mathematics
Zalman, Shannon Yearbook Advisor & School Photographer

High School Faculty & Staff
Name Role Email Address
Almeida, Pedro IT
Blank, Danielle School Nurse
Caamano, Maria Librarian
Cheung, Linda MIT/BITL Internship & MIT Launch Club
Cousins, Stephen Science Teacher
de la Pena, Maggie English Teacher
Gonzalez, Cristina DAT I/II and SAM
Hamilton, Vincent Music/Band
Harnage, Fran IT
Herbert, Lisa Performing Arts Coordinator
Lambert, Stephanie Foreign Languages Teacher
Linke, Monica Math Teacher
Livingston, Andrea IT
Merrill, Sandy Executive Assistant
Moore, Emmett DAT I/II
Newberry, Elizabeth DAT I/II and SAM
Reynolds, Adriana English Teacher/LCA Support
Rossi, Brett HS Athletics Director/PE Coach
Thomas, Mary Margret P.E./Health/Mindfulness
Tripodo, Andrew Speech & Debate/SAM
Williams, Jennifer Counselor
Yost, Jennifer One to One Coach

The Laura Cushman Academy Faculty & Staff
Name Role Email Address
Angell, Marla Director of Speech and Language
Balseiro, Christina LCA Teacher
Davis, Amanda 5th Grade LCA Teacher
DePenaloza, Barbara Learning Specialist
DiPuglia, Jessica 1st Grade LCA Teacher
Dolton, Melissa 5th Grade LCA Teacher
Domergue, Andrea Kindergarten LCA Teacher
Dorta, Maria Pre-K 3/4 Inclusion Class
Downerd, Amy 1st Grade LCA Teacher
Firestone, Laurie 3rd Grade LCA Teacher
Gentile, Jocelyn Learning Specialist
Granados, Dana Learning Specialist
Guerrero, Damarys Learning Specialist
Hernandez, Patricia LCA Assistant Director
Keenan, Jackie 2nd Grade LCA Teacher
Kleinman, Loretta LCA Office Staff
Koester, Erika 2nd Grade LCA Teacher
Kopsick, Lesley 7/8th Grade LCA Teacher
Lorber, Abbey LCA K Teacher
Medina, Carolina Learning Specialist
Mullineaux, Franny 4th Grade LCA Teacher
Patterson, Tiffany 3rd Grade LCA Teacher
Pisano, Michele Learning Specialist
Reynolds, Adriana HS Advisor, HS LCA English Teacher
San Giovanni, Alina Learning Specialist
Santos, Suzanne Learning Specialist
Stobs, Melissa MS LCA Math Teacher
Vazques-Piana, Erica 4th Grade LCA Teacher
Zahner, Kathleen Director of Occupational Therapy

Enrichment Faculty & Staff
Name Role Email Address
Bey, Kodhamus Llong Physical Education
Carroll, Dianne Reading Specialist
Cepeda, Susan Learning Resource Teacher
Duffy, Ada MS Art and Portfolio Elective Teacher
Guzman, Helen Reading Specialist
Hamilton, Vincent Music Teacher
Hernandez, Pedro Physical Education Instructor
Monteiro, Sarah Librarian
Pacheco-Kalb, Doris Primary Spanish Teacher
Packard, Judith Elementary Spanish Teacher
Rajani, Shamin Math Specialist
Romanik, Douglas Program Coordinator
Samonides, Stacey Elementary Spanish Teacher
Silver, Susan Visual Arts Director
Weiss, Kyllene Science Lab Teacher
Williams, Jennifer Guidance Counselor
Woods, Alexandra Music Teacher
Zhang, Jenny Chinese Teacher

Name Role Email Address
Arvin, Lisa Parent Relations/Advancement
De la Pena, Enrique Tech Support
Harnage, Frances Technology Staff
Holly, Herta Executive Support for Advancement
Milberg, Fredi Office Staff
Moore, Claudia Elementary School Administrative Assistant
Phanthavong, Kitty Advancement Database & Gift Manager
Rudnick, Sheryl Asst. to the Head of School
Schneider, Cynthia Business Manager
Siegler, Naomi Technology Staff
Smith-Gulaskey, Karen Director of Marketing

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