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Scholarship and Financial Aid Options

Financial aid from The Cushman School Scholarship Fund can be awarded to both current and incoming families of students entering the first through tenth grades. It’s thanks to our many generous donors and volunteers that we are able to use the proceeds from The Cushman School Gala and donations to the E.W. Drody Scholarship Fund to offer these scholarships to our students. 

Using information from the Financial Aid for School Tuition, (F.A.S.T) form, the Cushman Board of Trustees Financial Aid committee will determine your child’s eligibility to receive funds. To get started, simply fill out the F.A.S.T. form, which is available online at Scholarships are awarded annually, and are primarily need-based.  

Not only does Cushman offer in-house scholarship options for students, but we’re also proud to accept The McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities and Tax Credit Scholarship through Step Up for Students.

For more information on these programs log on to for The McKay Scholarship, or for the Tax Credit Scholarship.