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Chinese Students and Teachers Visit The Cushman School

Nearly Two Dozen Chinese Students and Teachers Make Miami Their Temporary Home in April

Published Monday, April 16, 2012

South Florida's Cushman School is Host to an Unprecented Educational Exchange Program in its 5th Year: For Two Weeks Hunan University Students Live with South Florida Families 

Miami -- In an unprecedented example of an American and Chinese School partnership, The Cushman School is hosting 23 Chinese teachers and elementary-aged students this month in what was the nationís first such exchange program.  The students from the Hunan University in Changsha, China, arrive in Miami today and return April 27.  The program works by alternating country visits on a yearly basis.  Whether itís Cushman students in Changsha, or Hunan students in Miami (like this year), for two weeks the students attend each otherís schools, live in each otherís homes, and become fully immersed in each otherís language, culture and lifestyles.  

This yearís visit includes 17 elementary students and six teachers.  Some teachers and students have been on a waiting list for five years in hopes of being chosen to make the journey to the United States.  Their agenda is full and press are welcome to join alongside with the students.

Photo opportunity highlights:  

April 16, 8:25 - 9 am:  A Welcoming Ceremony, including a yellow rose presentation, takes place with the schoolís 500 students, teachers and faculty.  This is a school tradition to formally introduce the Chinese visitors to Cushman and their host families. 

April 20, approximately 10:00 am till noon:  Students visit the historical Key Biscayne Lighthouse.

April 23, 8:25 Ė 9 am: Chinese students perform for the student body using music and dance to teach about their ancient culture and traditions.  

April 24, 1:30 Ė 3:00 pm:  Let the Games Begin!  Itís Miami vs. Changsha in Cushmanís Chinese-American Games.  Sporting events include Kung Fu, Soccer and Dutch Ball.    

The Cushman School is located at 592 NE 60th Street (off Biscayne Boulevard and 60th Street).

About the Partnership

The Cushman School was the first school in the US to offer an elementary school exchange program with China. The partnership with Hunan University began with an earnest desire to instill global awareness in its students.  All students from pre-K through 8th grade learn Mandarin Chinese as part of the international language program.  Given Chinaís position in the world economy, itís the schoolís plan to continue fostering the exchange program and be a leader in supporting other schools interested in offering the same educational opportunities to their students.  Since Cushmanís Hunan University relationship began five years ago, other schools in Florida, California and Indiana offer similar programs, and schools in North Carolina and beyond are attempting to get similar relationships off the ground.   

About The Cushman School

From nursery through eighth grade, The Cushman School, Miami-Dade's oldest continuously operating independent school, offers a rigorous academic experience deeply rooted in civic virtues and matched with an expansive student life program.  For 88 years, Cushman has successfully taught students to be confident, self-starting, creative problem solvers who thrive academically and throughout their lives.  For more information about The Cushman School, please visit or call (305) 757-1966.


Lisa Mozloom, The MNetwork