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The Cushman School

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Dr. Cushman's Philosophy

Dr Cushman's PhilosophyFrom the very earliest days, Dr. Laura Cushman believed that “a school seeks to develop the child mentally, physically and in character growth. To do this, the child must be placed in happy surroundings, be properly adjusted to his work, and have wholesome experiences."

Tried and tested for nearly a century now, this ideal is one that is still at the core of our philosophy today.

At The Cushman School, we are proud to maintain a set of standards established by Dr. Laura Cushman. Those aims are: 

  • A happy attitude.
  • Acceptance of the tasks of growing and learning as a personal responsibility.
  • Industry and perseverance in accomplishing these accepted tasks.
  • Honesty with self and with others in every phase of living.
  • Growth in ability to attack learning problems and to use judgment in changing situations.
  • Self control and poise.
  • Wholesome personal habits.
  • An attitude that seeks to understand others' point of view and is ever tolerant and kind.
  • Gracious, unfailing courtesy.
  • Appreciations that enrich life.


Rooted in these standards is the vision of a school that thrives through its dynamic curriculum, small class sizes, and the perpetuation of a family atmosphere—The Cushman Spirit—which has always prevailed.

Our philosophy is one focused on virtue, responsibility, and respect for self and others. It is an approach that nurtures intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth in the student. And while we certainly pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to new educational philosophies, and to grow our curriculum based on the needs of our students, it is the very foundation of our school—the Cushman philosophy—that we proudly base our daily practices on.