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Global Connections

As part of our Global Studies initiative, The Cushman School has established exchange programs with schools across the world and plans in-depth travel experiences for its 6th through 12th grade students to complement the curriculum. From its ongoing partnership with China-based Hunan University and overnight excursions to Costa Rica, Iceland, Spain and Peru, our School continues to prioritize cross-cultural exposure to benefit our students.


Aspects of Global Education:

  • Students in all divisions participate in real-time interactions via Skype with schools across the globe. 
  • Travel to Costa Rica: This Middle School trip to Costa Rica is an experience that is an integral part of our Science, Latin American History and Spanish curriculums. 
  • Travel exchange with China: Cushman students, teachers and parents travel to China, visiting Beijing and the Elementary School at Hunan University. Travelers study the culture and history of the country before departing and staying with Chinese families. Students and teachers from this school in the Hunan Province visit Cushman for three weeks during alternate years, bringing much to Cushman in terms of global awareness and world culture.
  • Trip to Spain: Cushman students, teachers and parents traveled to Spain and visited a variety of cities including Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Sevilla and Segovia. Travelers learned about the culture, history, and customs of Spain through full immersion.
  • High School Trip to Iceland: Students met with Climate Change scientists and explored the varied topography of this country.

The purpose of Cushman's exchange programs and global initiatives is to ensure our School offers a vast educational journey to meet the needs of our diverse community while preparing its students for the multi-cultural marketplace they will soon enter. The self-confidence and global awareness our students gain from these travel experiences becomes the foundation for a lifetime of discovery.