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The Cushman School

An Identity Linked to Excellence

Advancement Events

Every year, The Cushman School hosts and organizes several different community-building events and initiatives. See how you can support below.

Teacher for a Day

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a Teacher for a Day? Every December, your child could enjoy the opportunity to become his or her teacher, coach or even the Head of Schools. The bidding is held online through BidPal, and the kids get their opportunity to be the

The bidding for Teacher for a Day is great fun!

#Shop Event

Held every year, it is your chance to support local vendors as you plan for your holiday gifts, while also helping to raise funds for our School. Stay tuned for announcements on the fair as well as an opportunity to participate.

Halloween Howl

Held yearly during Halloween time, our annual carnival in October is a great way to support Cushman and demonstrate your Cushman Spirit. With fun carnival rides, carnival food, a haunted house, a costume contest and other activities, the Howl is one of Cushman’s largest events.

You can support by purchasing a carnival ride, and making sure you come and enjoy the fun!

The Cushman Gala

Our annual party for a purpose is held every Spring and helps raise funds for The Cushman Fund.

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