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Alumni Stories

Cushman School alumniThe Cushman School community takes great pride in the legacy of The Cushman School.  We continue to affirm our heritage, fulfill the promise of today, and embrace the future.  Many of our graduates spent ten years of their youth at The Cushman School and others just a few.  No matter the years, The Cushman School's virtues, programming, and people have touched the lives of many.  Noted on this page are just a few of our alumni stories.

"Most of us did not realize how special The Cushman School was until long after we graduated. It was the 360-degree nurturing at such a young age that made it unique. Teachers, parents, caretakers, mentors … everyone helped push us forward. The Cushman experience was more than what we learned in the classroom; it was our holistic growth as meaningful contributors to the global community." - Matthew Beatty, M.B.A., Director of Communications, The Miami Foundation. Class of 1995


Christina Fernandez, Class of 2008

Krystal Barrios, Class of 2012

Farah Bridges (Rajani) , Class of 1989

Chad Konchak, Class of 1994

Peter-Paul Grootens, Class of 2010

Caroline Haldeman-Emmerling

Nick Bosa

Marcel Archer

Chris Balseiro

Joey Bosa

Monica Burgos

Nick Castellanos

Ryan Castellanos

Max Fink