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Please click on the links below to access information that may be important for summer break as well as to prepare for the upcoming school year.

You will receive an important "Action Required" email in early August. Please review and sign the documents accessed from the link within that email, and return them to the Main Office prior to the first day of school.

Primary & Elementary School Information:

Parent-Student Handbook - Primary & Elementary School

Supply Lists for Primary Students

Supply Lists for Elementary Students

Elementary and Primary School Calendar

Computer Lease Agreement - 5th Graders

Middle School Information:

Parent-Student Handbook - Middle School

Middle School Supply List

Middle School Calendar

Middle School Extended Trips

Middle School (6th-8th) Computer Lease Agreement

High School Information:

Parent-Student Handbook - High School

High School Calendar

Computer Lease Program -
High School Students

All School Information:

Cushman Uniform Requirements

Cushman Athletics Handbook

Summer Reading lists:

Upcoming 1st Graders

Upcoming 2nd Graders

Upcoming 3rd Graders

Upcoming 4th Graders

Upcoming 5th Graders

Middle School Upcoming 6th & 7th Graders 

Middle School Upcoming 8th Graders

* Please note, your Division Director may have emailed you an alternate reading list and summer assignment tailored specifically to your child's class/teacher. Email your Division Director if you have any questions.

* Please log in to your Veracross parent portals for additional and more detailed information.